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To tell the difference one needs to be or have a construction expert. However not all so called "experts" are experts at all. Given the complexity and nature of the construction business, a true expert would be someone who knew the entire process from beginning to end.

Understanding what is done right and what goes wrong in the construction process involves understanding that at the core of the construction industry are people. The people that do the work, how they do it, when they do it and why they do it the way they do.

To that end Gary Fair understands that his role is one of inspection, discovery, understanding and reporting the facts as they actually are. Ultimately, his experience makes communicating those findings to the lay person or to members of the judicial system less difficult and their content undeniable.

Often times Mr. Fair's keen understanding of the construction process, makes it easier to resolve issues or problems, in that he speaks the language of contractors and it is clear that he cannot and will not allow himself or his clients to be fooled or dissuaded from the evidence and facts as they exist. Nor can the causation of existing problems be denied.

As you will note in Mr. Fair's CV, he is a quite experienced expert witness for the prosecution. He has done a large number of inspections and case work for the State of California. Not only has he qualified to testify in a number of Counties within the State of California, but that he is also an approved Arbiter with the American Arbitration Association.

Although Mr. Fair is fully competent to handle matters up to and indeed through the Jury portion of a trial, perhaps his strongest abilities lie with his solid factual preparation, its presentation in a deposition setting, his resolution skills and his ability to make defendants, and their legal counsel understand that they cannot deny his findings and the presentation of same. Hence his expertise is often invaluable in resolving matters prior to a jury setting.

When a true construction expert for the prosecution is what you need, then you need look no further than Gary Fair and RCI and Associates.